Budgeting and Communicating

Let's talk money for a second.

Money is probably the most AND least talked about topic in our world today. We see all these blogs and videos on how to budget correctly and manage your money, but then no one talks about our own budgets with each other or our significant other. This secrecy is one of the leading causes of arguments and disagreements. 

I've learned (sometimes by force) to communicate my budget with my fiance regularly and now it's become a weekly discussion where we sit down and talk about where we are currently and where we anticipate we'll be at the end of the month. This kind of open dialog has caused a handful of disappointing talks, but it's saved us many uncomfortable arguments and fights. On the other hand, the level of communication between us about our money management has really helped us out individually. She has helped me rework some of my budgeting troublespots and I've helped her with hers. It's allowed us to both grow our knowledge and understanding about budgeting, stocks, Investing, credit (and credit scores), saving, spending habits, and planning for our future. 

I've been working diligently to pay off my student debt and turnaround my credit since my fiance and I started dating (you can see more about my student loan debt here--> [Insert link]). When we first started dating I had a budget spreadsheet but didn't do much to stick to it and took Sierra out on nice dates and expensive dinners thinking I was impressing her. After dating for a few months she caught a glimpse of my bank account and that was the first money talk we had. I learned very early on that she was extremely money conscious. I went back to the drawing board that was my budget that night and reevaluated my current status.

Now, over three years later, I've paid off my car, gotten rid of all my credit card debt, trimmed down my student loan debt to under 50k, built up my "Oh Shit" fund, and started investing. Through constant communication with my fiance we've established a payoff date for my student loans (year and a half from now), worked on building up for our future while budgeting for dates and adventures, and we have a more trusting relationship because of it.

If there is anything I could pass along to you it this: talk to your family, your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, your best friend, talk in general about your finances. It's hard to face when you're not doing financially well, but by talking about it you've started on the right path to fixing it and you've allowed someone else the opportunity to help hold you accountable. Set small goals, and work towards achieving them. Start a savings account, even if it's small, every little bit helps. What your thoughts and helpful tips on budgeting? Let us know in the comment section below!