My Flex Disc Review

_I tried to wash the blood down the sink as fast as I could without anyone seeing._.jpg

Okay ladies, lets talk about it. The Flex Disc. I saw it advertsied on Instagram and I was like wtf is this thing. Looks like a bigger condom with a black border around it or something...I'm confused. Well I had to try it out. After work I came home and immediately youtube'd Flex Disc reviews and I found a couple good ones. It sounded different but it sounded like it worked and that people were generally really happy with it. SO, I went online and signed up, $15 for my first box sounded alright and with free shipping. 

Inserting: It was here in a few days, a week before my period would normally start. The first day I read the instructions and pinched the disc, angled it back and inserted it up and into its place. I pushed it up at the end and set it on my pubic bone and to be honest it was extremely effortless. It was so easy and didn't feel weird or hurt at all. Sometimes when you insert a tampon and you push the plunger in to release the tampon it can kind of hurt, especially if its dry up there. This material is very smooth and comfortable and really I didn't feel anything. I got up, pulled up my pants and as I washed my hands I kept imagining that I could feel it but I really couldn't. It was just like all the reviews said. Comfortable. 

First Day: I decided to go 100% with this and went to work without a panty liner or a tampon as back up. I sat down at my desk and literally forgot about it all day. The craziest part, I didn't have any cramps. I had heard this could be a thing but I didn't believe it. My conclusion,  you'll start to feel the build up of a cramp but then it stops and it fades away. That was amazing. I got up to go pee at work a few times and by then end of the day the pee would be tinged a little red. This made me nervous because I thought it was going to leak but it never did. I just kept on going through the day, relying on the 8 hour time frame to be real. It never leaked! I didn't want to change it at work because I knew it could be a mess so right when I got home I washed my hands and went to do that. 

Taking it Out: I sat down and nervously felt for it. My finger felt the edge of the ring and I hooked my finger as the instructions said and pulled. I kept having this thought that it would get stuck but as I hooked and pulled it came right out. I tried to keep it angled up but it still leaked all over my finger. My index finger and palm were bright red. I wasn't too surprised but I just grabbed more toilet paper and wiped off my hand. I felt a little gross but I'm quick to understand that its just my body and not a big deal. I put a new one in this time trying to angle it more horizontally as to help with the leakage the next time I took it out. 

The Next Day and On: I continued this process each day less nervous that it wouldn't work. 8 hours is really the exact time, after that it will start to leak a little. Taking it out got better, the first couple days I definitely got a little on my fingers but not as much as the first time. You have to be careful to pull it out horizontally and it won't make as much of a mess. Just a little down and upward motion. One particular day I was trying to take it out at a brewery and I realized I didn't pack another one and had totally timed myself wrong. I had read that you can wash them out but its not exactly advised. The bathroom was not a one person and I was like, wtf am I going to do?! I waited for the bathroom to clear from my stall and as soon as I heard the last person leave I bolted up, pulled my pants up and left the stall door open as I rushed to the sink. Someone came in right as I was doing that and tried to go in my open stall that still had my purse hanging in it. "Mam' is this your purse?" She said as I frantically tried to wash the blood down the sink. "Yes, oh, I am still err in there..." awkward. I successfully got the sink clean, without andyone seeing and I popped back into my stall and inserted the disc and then washed my hands and bolted out of the bathroom. (Face Palm). 

In conclusion. I say go for it! The price point is a little higher but it is way better for your body, doesn't hurt at all, is environmentally friendly and my favorite doesn't smell. The craziest thing. I read after wards that the chemicals in a tampon are what make your period smell so bad. When you remove all the chemicals it literally doesn't smell like anything. I didn't really realize it until the end of the week when it just hit me that I couldn't smell anything. I didn't try out sex with it in, but I easily pulled it out to have sex without pain. I have attempted this before with a tampon and there is nothing worse than pulling out a dry tampon. There is no such thing as pain while inserting or taking out this flex disc at anytime. 

I hope this blog gave you a better look into the Flex Disc, my advice, try it out for yourself. This is not a paid advertisement, just my honest experience with the Flex Disc!

Good Luck Ladies,