The Truth About Yoga

The truth about Yoga is:

It's all about you. 

Let's break that down.

Every practice, every moment, every breath, and every pose is 100% all about you. Yoga is a practice where you choose to take everything going on around you and silence it to look inward and presently with each breathe. Your stretches release tension, bring life to muscles, and tendons and help blood flow; all while relinquishing stress and giving your body and mind more space to meditate and leave everything outside the studio. When you're in yoga, practice focusing on the idea that each pose flows into another and your body floats through the movements as if your practicing in water. Listen to your body, feel your muscles tell you when a stretch is good enough. Feel your heart beat, the tips of your toes on the mat and the muscles in your arms engage in downward facing dog. Tune out everything from work, to family, to social media, let this moment just be for you and your body alone. Giving your mind that space each day will allow for so much more positive energy in your life. 

When I practice Yoga, I sometimes catch myself letting the thoughts of the day filter in through my mind. When that happens I ease my mind into thankfulness and gratitude. For whatever reason I am thinking about my day or things I need to do but instead it can be so easy to switch my mind right over to what I am thankful for. When I do that, I can feel my heart ease and weight leave my shoulders. 

Yoga reminds us of the present. The moment we are in. The life we have right then in that precious instance. That we are here. Breathing. 

Breathing in life, no feelings about it, just being. 

You Are Here.jpg





If you haven't tried Yoga yet or are struggling in your practice I highly encourage you to try again. Have patience with yourself and your poses. Your practice is all your own. There is no right way or wrong way. There are so many YouTube channels to check out if you can't afford a studio. I first tried Yoga at a studio with a Groupon and found that as much as I loved going I couldn't always make it after work. So now I browse YouTube until I find a session I like. At first Yoga can feel funny if you are not used to the movements or flexible like me. It is funny, let it be funny, feel silly, lean into it and watch as you slowly get more comfortable with the ebb and flow of each movement. Its not a competition and its not about who can stretch farther or hold what pose.

It is all about you, listening to your body, clearing your mind and setting aside a time in your day that is 100% about you, your health, and your spirit. 

If you don't have a mat yet and don't know which one is right for you here is a great site that did all the heavy lifting for you! They have tested, checked, and researched the best Yoga mats out there and can definitely help you find the best fit for you. They even picked which mats would be your best pick based on your preference (lots of travelling, lots of cushion, grippiness, comfort, material). Be sure to check them out and their other reviews too.

If you're like, "Vinyasa who?" and a downward facing dog is just a dog with its butt in your face then I suggest you at least try it. Get yourself a mat, bring a bottle of water, and give yourself this time, your spirit will thank you. 

Happy Mind, Happy Body, Happy Spirit,