The Truth About Quitting Birth Control

What is it like quitting birth control? For whatever your reason you are here researching the idea of quitting birth control pills, shots, patches, and IUD's or you are looking for answers because you are suffering from the negative side effects of being on it or quitting it.

Migraines, dizziness, nausea, lethargy....I could go on. About a year ago I tried to quit birth control, at the time I had been on it consistently for about 3.5 years and it had been working for its purpose but not working for my body. Although it was nice to have consistent periods and know for sure that I wasn't going to get pregnant it was hurting me in many other areas. First upon starting birth control about 6 months later I found myself all of a sudden extremely dairy intolerant and also with IBS. Now mind you it was the end of my junior year of college so stress may have been involved but I also just chalked it up to my body changing. Until recently I hadn't thought anything of it. Now I think birth control changed my bodies chemistry and interfered with my digestion. Also I noticed a drop in my sex drive it wasn't like I felt a huge difference but as time went on I started to notice that I was hardly ever getting the urge to have sex or even thinking about it. This led to a bit of research where I noticed for the first time that birth control isn't just for keeping you from getting pregnant it also work to keep you from wanting to have sex so that you can't get pregnant anyway. It is a libido lower-er. So if that's not enough to scare you away from birth control than the last bit definitely did it for me. The reason the headaches, lethargy, and dizziness is so bad when you get off birth control is because for however long you have been on it, it has been altering your body, regulating it for you and changing it. Now that you've taken away that one component your bodies hormones are way off balance and many other levels of necessary nutrients including, iron, magnesium, calcium, and zinc.

Most importantly though, the hormones are way out of wack and don't know how to regulate themselves again. How could they?

This little pill, patch, or shot has been doing it for them.

So here is my body cleansing method to get you back on track, I want to say first that this is entirely my experience and so take this carefully and cautiously as our bodies are delicate, powerful and will react differently. Try things, listen to your body and stay positive because I promise it will get better. Now I wanted to start this blog today because I am in my first week. My last birth control pill was taken Saturday August 5th and my period came as usual on Tuesday morning and ended sometime this past weekend. Last summer like I said I tried this already, I wasn't equipped with the necessary tools to get through this and I caved after 2 months and went back. (So lame, I know, get it together Sierra!) The migraines did me in and I couldn't keep my eyes open past 5:00pm. So this time I came prepared. Starting on Saturday morning 8/12/2017 I drank my usual cup of cold brew coffee with (coconut milk) added this time instead of dairy free creamer because good fat helps the body absorb nutrients and not get too crazy and dehydrated from the caffeine. Also allowing the caffeine energy to last much longer. (Click here to learn about alternative additives for coffee that will help your coffee crash go away completely.) After the coffee, I had a light breakfast and took (1) DIM Detox pill and (1) Green Veggie pill. These 2 pills are essential to helping your body recover. The green veggies are rich in vitamins and nutrients that are body badly needs, including, iron, zinc and magnesium. Then the DIM Detox is a fantastic little magical pill that kicks the hormonal onslaught into shape. It starts regulating, filtering and detoxing your body from excess hormones and testosterone and helps your body filter what it needs and what it doesn't. After that pill I wait until lunch to take an Iron supplement and a Zinc supplement as well as a B complex. The B complex is very important, you will feel tired, more tired than usual and this B vitamin whether its B6 or B12 or B complex will help turn your food into energy and keep you going. Next drink tons of fluids and stay away from beer, wine and bourbon. If you can stay away from all alcohol and give your body a break to really recover and get through these new changes. It is best to stray from red meats and over doing it on carbs as the sugars and fats don't help with lethargy. Your body really needs fruits, vegetables and healthy fats like avocados, peanut butter, coconut milk etc. now I understand that can be difficult so just try things for yourself and see how you feel. I personally said no to beer and wine this weekend and have been taking the vitamins routinely since Saturday. I can say even though its only day 3 post period without birth control I haven't had 1 headache or exhaustion overload. I was a little dizzy yesterday when I woke up but once I got moving and took my first couple of pills I was feeling better within a half hour.

 I am going to keep updating this as I go so you guys can follow me through this journey and we can figure out what works, what doesn't and how to make this transition as smooth as possible for every woman out there.

 Have you guys ever done this? Have you figured out things that may help me? I'd love to hear advice or any question you may have. Let me know in the comments below!


Here is a list and links to all the vitamins:

DIM Detox Supplement:

Juice Plus+ Garden Blend and Fruit Blend Supplement:

Iron Supplement:

Zinc Supplement:

B6 Supplement:

B12 Supplement:

B Complex Supplement:

Magnesium Supplement:

After 2 Weeks  

What quitting birth control is like after 2 weeks?

Week 2 Sans birth control has been going really well. I feel an extreme difference between this year and last year. My appetite seems the same, and I haven't had one headache yet. I have been taking the green veggie supplement once a day and the DIM Detox every morning after breakfast. After lunch I take the Zinc and Iron vitamin along with the B Complex. I ran out of Zinc this weekend and have not had a chance to replenish my stock and I haven't felt a difference without it yet. I am sure that has something to do with taking it for a week and having plenty in my system for a few days off. The most amazing thing thus far is the absence of migraines, I can't believe I don't have any. Last year my head was pounding constantly and I was so tired. I am definitely really glad I found this regime and have been on it diligently. I am well aware that at any moment this could take a bad turn but right now I am just staying positive and hoping for the best. Along with a total re-regulation of hormones in my body I half expected to have some acne pop up but that too has been non existent my skin actually looks and feels great. The #1 change I have noticed in myself over the past 2 weeks is my spirits. I've always been a very happy positive person but now I feel even more so. My energy is up and I just feel really good. I feel more relaxed and healthy. I am so glad that I decided to start this journey, it is amazing what happens when your body gets back to regulating itself again. I wish I had done this a lot sooner. 


After 3 Months

What is it like after 3 months of quitting birth control? 

I had hope that it would be this easy and so far it has been. I can't even say enough about how I feel now. I feel more like myself, the DIM and the vitamins have not let me down and my period only came 1 week late. That is amazing. I had read that it could take up to 3 months to have one again and was nervous. However I can definitely stand by these vitamins and tell you I truly believe in them. I feel 100% detoxed from the birth control and 100% healthy and balanced. I think that Birth control is a great tool to help those that A. don't want to have a baby, B. have bad acne, C. long or heavy periods etc. BUT I want to say that first before turning to birth control I recommend trying a diet change. Most of the acne post puberty comes from the foods. Heavy periods and long periods could be as a result of a hormone imbalance and a supplement like DIM Detox could be the answer. As far as not wanting to have a baby I am currently in that boat too and birth control gave me a confidence that I liked in knowing it wasn't going to happen. I think now I may worry a little more before each period comes but I will do my best to follow recommendations on ovulation times etc. to try to help that as much as I can. I know there are healthy holistic ways to read our bodies to see when they are in a different states each month through menstruation etc. More blogs on this. If you are considering it, have questions please feel free to email me at I would love to talk with you on my experience and help in any way I can.