My 21 Day Life Changer

Do you ever feel really depressed about your work or how you spend some of your days? 

Maybe you just find yourself always living for the weekend.

I know that feeling. I hate that feeling.

I want to be invigorated, excited about where I am going and what I am doing. Well, we can't have that all the time. It all comes down to our perspective and our attitude and I think I have the solution. I was told once by a good friend that in life we only need 3 things to stay balanced and happy.

Something to do, something to love & something to look forward to. 

Now while this exact metaphor is definitely open for discussion, lets roll with it. I think there is truth in the "something to do and something to look forward to aspect". If we remain in our constant flow of habitual activities we won't really have much to look forward to except the weekend simply because the weekend is "different" (as in its not our mundane 8-5 job). So why not change up the 8-5 week instead. I have to remind myself that we are creatures of habit, but as the days turn into weeks we sometimes find ourselves at work feeling down about the same monotonous schedule. So we need to give ourselves something to look forward to in the week.

I have two methodologies for this: First, make appointments with friends, partners, family, or join a club so that at least 1-2 days a week you have something new and stimulating going on besides, work home, dinner & netflix. Second, 21 days of something new! (Let me explain!) It is known that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. That is only 3 weeks. Pick out something and try it for 21 days. I recently chose to try this and changed up my routine by joining yoga. You can join anything, whatever floats your boat. Ask yourself what it is that you want to learn or try and go for it. For me, I had always wanted to grow more flexible and I also wanted to learn new tools to help me focus on being present and staying conscious of the moment instead of always looking toward the future. Yoga is definitely a great practice to get into for that and WAY more. Maybe you like to read and want to join a book club, or maybe you've always wanted to learn a new type of dance. Chances are your city offers whatever you can dream up. I didn't want to jump fully into Yoga yet because the monthly fee's can be pretty high so I started with a 10 class pass Groupon; this has allowed me to try it out without diving in. I feel totally invigorated and better about deciding if I want to go full time now or not.

It is important to try new things in life to help our minds continue to grow. Post education especially, we don't always have new information being presented to us. We need new ideas, new perspectives, new relationships to keep our interest, we grow bored far too easy in this technology driven society we live in. With habitual change ups that is all the more possible. Studies also show that if you are in a relationship and it is airing on the side of boring, complacent, or habitual it can be a total relationship booster if you and your partner try something new together. Makes sense right? So why not try it. If you don't like it right away stay with it, you may surprise yourself.

Here is a list of things you could try for the next 21 days. 


-Yoga (like me)

-Book Club

-Start to learn a new language (Rosetta Stone, YouTube Lessons, Foreign Movies and Subtitles)

-Join an Organization or Workout Program

-Ride your bike everyday (Weather permitting)

-Go Geocaching

-Paint/Art Classes

-Musical Instrument Classes

-Start Writing a Book and set a goal for how many words you'll write each day.

-Join a Rock Climb gym for the month.

-Cooking Classes

-Cake Decorating Classes

-Read new books

-If money is tight (YouTube has lessons out the Wazoo for everything under the sun)


Those are just a few ideas of things you can do over the next 21 days. Trying new things will help you feel energized, give you something new to talk about besides work, and will stimulate your brain. All of these things help us grow more conscious of the present, more confident in ourselves, and help narrow down more talents, skills, or passion that we may have. It is really amazing what our brains are capable of if we just give them the opportunity. By focusing and looking forward to new activities to try every 21 days that will cover your bases for "something to do and something to look forward to". I think overall this has helped my attitude immensely as I get more excited about a Monday or a Wednesday because of a Yoga class that night. Trying Yoga has opened up even more opportunities and ideas for me. I have been invited to Yoga events and new types of Yoga classes as well as researched more into the consciousness of Yoga and podcasts geared around the Yoga lifestyle. If I hadn't decided to try something new I wouldn't have been opened up to this world. Even if I don't stick with it, it is has broadened my perspective and shared with me tools that are invaluable. 

Really think about what you want to try and jump in!

 Now as for something to love, I think that this is open to all kinds of love, relationship love, familial love or even loving a hobby. So find something you love to do or someone you love to be around and work on that. By keeping our 3 "somethings" stimulated I find that life doesn't air on the side of boring anymore. My conversations are far more interesting with people and work becomes just a piece of my week instead of the whole focus.