One Change I Made to My Coffee that Saved Me

I remember when I had my first sip of coffee. I was a freshman at Texas State University, and just like that I was hooked. As the years went on I graduated college with at least one piping hot cup of coffee a day under my belt. Until now, if you're reading this maybe you have suffered from stomach pain and are searching for answers well this may be it. It seemed that around age 22 everything I ate hurt my stomach. Sandwiches, salads, coffee, meat I couldn't do anything right. As a person that worked hard to pick out the right food and eat healthy nutritional meals I was pretty surprised. It felt like every morning after I had coffee I would follow it with breakfast and have to lay down because my stomach was cramping and hurting so bad. Until I realized it wasn't what I was eating exactly it was what I was drinking; coffee was the culprit.

The high acidity in coffee was killing my stomach lining and making it hard for my body to break down even the simplest of foods without pain. I was shocked when I my research lead me to a blog written about the downside to coffee. It was a light came on I'm my head. It was a done deal, coffee had to go and immediately. So I said Goodbye very suddenly and easily to coffee and went full on Yerbamate tea. (Different but tasty alternative that can have added cream, check it out here) It wasn't fun and it wasn't easy but my stomach grew better almost immediately and I didn't ever want to go back. About 9 months had passed and at times I missed it. The fresh aroma in the morning and the piping hot mug warming the palms of my hands. But it's ok, I was going to be strong I would tell myself, and push through. Until this bright little happy nugget of information crossed my path. I was at a coffee shop one day drinking tea when the barista told me that his stomach also hurt from coffee but not if he drank cold brew.

Cold brew coffee, since it is brewed over-night slowly and at a cold temperature it has barely 1/10th the acidity of regular hot coffee. When coffee is brewed hot the caffeine releases chemicals that tell the stomach to release more gastric acid. When coffee is brewed cold the same occurs but at a much lesser capacity. I immediately had to try it. I bought a french press, filled it with grounds and water and set it in the fridge. I was so excited but nervous for possible stomach pain. I had my first cup the next day. Not one teeny eeny stomach pain! I was so happily surprised. I can even heat it up to make it feel like I have a hot fresh cup of brew. I still wish I could turn on the coffee maker in the morning and smell that fresh coffee aroma fill the house, but some things in life just aren't meant to be and if you have even the tiniest issue with coffee don't let it ruin your coffee obsession just brew it cold! I have been drinking cold brew for a little over a year now and haven't had any trouble. I can't go back for 3 or more mugs but 1-2 is perfectly fine.

I use this french press --> 

And this travel french press-->

 Both great options.

There is nothing worse than waking up and pushing down the french press to then swallow grounds in every sip. So make sure to get a good one like the one in my link! I love my cold brew I love that I can have coffee everyday again. You can have your coffee and drink it too just brew it cold!