Why People Eat Dirt

I know it's sounds super exciting right?! Everyone should go out to their garden and get a nice big glassful of dirt. No, don't do that. But seriously, why do people eat clay dirt and what is it?

The dirt we're talking about is called "Bentonite Clay".

This clay isn't your average dirt. It's loaded with iron, zinc, magnesium, and calcium. It's negatively charged and acts a sponge. When it comes in contact with water it opens up and starts withdrawing toxins out of anything it's near. I know it sounds like something out of a sci-fi horror film, but it's actually pretty incredible stuff! It's been used for centuries by a multitude of different cultures to cure many different ailments. It really started to get scientifically tested around World War Two. Maybe you're familiar with it, maybe you're not. I'm here to give you a brief history lesson on the benefits, how it works, some common uses, how we use it and how it's helped us over the past two years of regular use.

Like I said earlier its been used for centuries but it really starting becoming more scientifically studied during the development of the atomic era. Scientist began experimenting with bentonite clay to remove radioactive isotopes out of contaminated water. Since the clay acts as a sponge when it's brought into contact with water and it has a negative charge it binds naturally to toxins and in this case radioactive isotopes. Since then it has found it's way into modern society through helping clean up oil spills in the oceans, as a antibacterial natural healing remedy for skin infections, used in high end cosmetics, and even some doctor prescribed medicines to treat a range of stomach issues. Out of all the research that has been done on bentonite clay the only concern is that if too much is consumed (over 200 grams a day) it can potentially cause iron, zinc, or potassium deficiencies. But let's be honest. Are you really going to eat almost a cups worth of clay in a day? I didn't think so. Too much of anything is a bad thing, even if in moderation it's a good thing.

Bentonite Clay is used everywhere, from cosmetics, to oil spills, to pharmacy grade medicine.

Sierra and I use it in the pill form. We have our little size 0 capsule maker (which can be found at the bottom of the blog) and we make our own dirt capsules. After years of eat junk, I've destroyed my stomach and take dirt daily to help. Since I started using it regularly I've noticed a HUGE improvement in how my stomach handles food. Sierra uses it pretty regularly too and it's significantly helped her too. Her and I both have issues with IBS as well as being lactose intolerant. The bentonite clay won't help you be able to eat a pint of ice cream of drink a glass of milk, but if we both take a "dirt pill" daily our IBS is almost completely no existent. Before dirt, we both suffered daily and tried everything from food logs, to crazy diets, to fasting, to detoxing, to doctor visits and medicines. Nothing helped until dirt became a normal part of our morning routine. Right there next to our cold brew coffee. Sierra and I both have been branching out now over the course of the two years we've been using it and looking up other uses for it. 

We've tried it as a face mask... Which was interesting. It takes a while to dry and as it does you can feel it tugging on your skin. It's not painful or anything but it's definitely tight by the end of it. It's suppose to be good for removing dirt, oil and blemishes from your skin. I will say that by the end of it my face was significantly less oily and super dried out. 

We've brushed our teeth with it. Yep, I mean we already eat dirt, why not scrub it into our teeth right? This can help ulcers heal if you've got them, but it also helps remove plaque and toxins inside your mouth which helps keep your mouth healthy. I personally don't know about this, but I've read from several sources that have said it's even healed cavities.

We feed it to our plants. This seems like a no-brainer to me. Plants need some of the same nutrients we do. We put it in a water bottle (about a tablespoons worth), shake it vigorously until the water is very cloudy and then let it settle for about 5 mins. This helps add nutrients to your plants as well as removes toxins from pesticides from the soil. 

We feed it to our dogs. Okay so this one we don't do regularly but if you've seen our video you know I have a Great Dane (if not check it out here!). He's a big slobbery baby. If you know anything about Great Danes, you know they have very finicky stomachs. His is no different. Sierra and I feed our dogs really great organic, healthy dog food and his stomach still doesn't always cooperate. When he's not feeling his best I just sprinkle a little dirt on his food or in his water (be sure to stir it up if you add it to the water). This helps dog's stomachs digest better and remove any bad bacteria that can cause issues.

There are so many reasons to eat dirt, but make sure to do you're own homework and find what works best for you. Let us know in the comments if you've tried it and if it has helped you at all! Check out our video on eating dirt as well as our YouTube Channel HERE!