How To Leave a Job

Leaving a job, this can be extremely simple for some and very difficult for others. You really only need to type one email or talk to one person and then make an announcement to everyone. It really doesn't take much. The resignation letter can be short and to the point. To Mr. Boss or Ms/Mrs. Boss, I regret to inform you that this is my two week notice....when I am helping friends write these I try to start them with this. The past X amount of time I have spent at this company has taught me X, X, & X. It has been a wonderful working here, but I regret to inform you that this is my two week notice. Something just like that. Now if you are in a company where you find you have grown close to the boss or maybe its  a small startup and an email off to the boss makes you feel weird. Then go in their office and tell them that you are leaving. This can seem a bit intimidating and scary, but I found that its a lot easier than it seems. We build things up in our heads but really all you need to do is be honest and be appreciative for your time at X company. If you are leaving upset or with hurt feelings it can be easier but consider the future and the potential that someone at your company may know someone at your next or next, next. So don't burn any bridges ever, be polite and as much as you fantasized it don't toss out your three whole puncher and yell profanities at anyone and storm out. May seem like a cool idea at the time but really won't benefit as anything but a funny story to tell to your friends. Don't stress about this, it is not worth it, you are about to change course in your life whether its a move, a new job in a different field or some time off, that should be exciting! So send your email or have the 2-3 minutes conversation with your boss and it'll be over before you know it.