Coming Back to Work From Vacation

I think sometimes its tough coming back from vacation. It definitely depends on where you work and how much you anticipate will be waiting for you when you return. Going on vacation is tough for some because that means they may get behind at work, miss a big meeting, or not be around to put out a fire. That adds unnecessary stress and worry to a vacation that you don't want to pack along with you in your suitcase. I always go for an unplugged vacation. NO WORK, turn it all off and just relax. Here are my tips for coming back from a vacation to help get you back into the groove with a smile. 

 First: How to handle to post vacation blues.....I think we need to take a little bit of our vacation and bring it back with us. What do you love most about vacation is it sleeping in? Eating out? Hanging out with loved ones? Whatever the reason is be grateful for it and practice bringing that grateful attitude with you to work. Instead of being thankful for family time maybe be thankful for time with coworkers that you like or time away from family or the money earning opportunity you are in to then enjoy vacations. If you love going out to eat then maybe that's what you do for lunch today, go out to a new place and bring a bit of that vacation adventure into your work week. I know it can be tough sometimes we spend our budgeted vacation amount and don't want to go out to eat. If that's the case then do what I do. Bring something new in your lunch to work. Today I brought a different flavored powder for my water bottle and meal prepped a pasta salad and fruit for lunch. Better than my lazy pb&j so I am looking forward to lunch. If you like sleeping in there's not much I can say there except going to bed earlier to get the same amount of sleep.

Second: Once back at work don't freak out at all the tasks that may have built up. Prioritize, make a list, and tackle them one at a time. On the bright side this long list will really help the day fly by. Next, change your desktop background to a new picture maybe one from the trip, may seem cheesy but it always helps me start fresh and brings a smile to my face every time I see it. Now, as you look at the huge pile of work you don't want to do staring back at you don't get bogged down, its a lot but in the grand scheme of it all its just not that big of a deal. Yes, you need to complete this stack of doom but it will happen one task at a time. You just got back from vacation so remember it is totally acceptable to reply to emails like this, "I have just returned from vacation and am in the process of catching up, I will get back to you as soon as I can." Slide back into work comfortably, you don't want to lose all that awesome post vacation relaxation in the first hour at work.