FINDING JOY in the 8-5 (How to Make Work More Enjoyable)

Happiness isn't made for us it comes from our actions. Sometimes waking up for the mundane day to day routine can be a drag. Especially on a Monday. I know that even as an 8-5 worker bee that enjoys her job there are still times when I wish I could just stay home and write. However that isn't reality so we have to keep our heads up, hearts open and create moments of joy in each day. Here are some tips I use daily to make each day a little more joyful. So the question becomes:

How to make work more enjoyable?

1. Wake up early enough so you don't have to rush around. Give yourself time to ease into the morning. 

2. Say "Good Morning" to your coworkers when you walk in the door. This already creates a positive interaction for the day and it's contagious. 

3. Have fun with your coworkers, "at my office we throw things across the room at certain points if we've received a new job or if someone has accepted our bid. 

4. Take breaks, walk outside or get away for a few minutes and remember to enjoy the day its not just meant to be rushed through it's here, be present. If you find yourself really struggling to stay positive think about why you are grateful you have a job. What that job brings you, what you can afford because of it, and the doors it could open later. 

5. Think about the ways in which you've grown because of your job over the years and the strengths you've enhanced and weaknesses that are no longer weaknesses. Whether that is communicating with coworkers, or interacting in meetings, or being shy in front of your boss. 

6. Eat a healthy lunch. Often big sandwiches and pasta will make you tired if not coupled with some type of movement. So if have a stationary job then a light lunch would be in your favor.

7. Find joy in completing tasks and marking them off your daily log.

8. Send a text to a friend/significant other/family member and tell them something out of the ordinary. How grateful you are for them, that you hope they are doing well, you are thinking of them. Plan something with them for the future a dinner date or weekend plan. This will give you something to look forward to and also help you bring that joy to someone else. When we create joy it is contagious and passing out feels good too.

9. Decorate your desk space with pictures, good memories, motivational thoughts, and ideas. Make that space your own and make it represent you and your happy places. 

10. Tell yourself a story. Where you want to travel next, where you want your next move to be or where your priorities are now. It can be enlightening and fun to see how much have you've changed over time. Time seems to fly so fast and the weeks blend together and those weeks are packed with thoughts, lessons, and newfound messages. Where has it lead you?