Easy Cheap Energy Booster

I try not to get on my soap box too often but for this i'll do anything! MY easy cheap energy booster is simple and we all have access to them! Vegetables! Seriously, I know you're like, "okay Sierra...sure thing....let me just minimize this blog".....but really vegetables are everything. Not just as a side but as the main course. I am here to tell you that the answer to 80% of your issues can all be answered with vegetables. Now that may seem broad and no veggies can't grade those papers, do your homework or save your sick dog BUT they can help you immensely in a myriad of ways. Most issues stem from?.....perspective and what controls our perspective? Our brain and what controls our brain? We do, with what we fuel it with.  We really ARE what we EAT. If you can imagine just for a second that you could live without tortillas and bread and switch over to a mainly plant based diet (I know, you're like haha yeah right Sierra) But I mean it really consider it. Have you ever felt the energy boosting, spirit lifting power of vegetables. OR maybe have you felt the extreme exhaustion after eating lunch probably pasta, a sand which, a burger you name it. Have you ever not been tired after eating lunch, why do you think that is? Maybe its because you ate a salad or a more veggie based lunch. Veggies really are the answer to feeling better. See, I had been toying with the idea of cutting out bread and grain foods for a while but its been hard to truly give in to saying no to tortillas. I love tortillas and the truth is you never have to cut things out completely, but eventually what I have found is that once you feel the change from eating a majority of veggies and fruit you won't want to go back. Matt and I have been eating like this for most of our time together but had continued to eat bread, pasta and rice with most of our meals. As we've become more educated on nutrition we have become even more passionate about helping others find what we have found too! 

Now, this is to say that we also don't eat a lot of sugar. Definitely not candy, maybe the occasional brownie but when it comes to even eating pastries or dairy free ice cream we try our best to pick one with as little sugar as possible no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrups or artificial flavors. I am a believer that everything in moderation is key so no need to cut it out forever but as I said above I think you'll start craving it less and less as you know full heartedly that it wont make you feel as good as a healthy choice would. I used to get nervous around people when we would get on the topic of nutrition because I never wanted to share my views on sugar, meat or breads simply because I didn't want people that ate that way to think I was trying to convince them otherwise or say they weren't healthy. I honestly have always wanted to go vegan but was again afraid of what my Texas friends and family would think of me and the hassle it would put on them when cooking for holidays and events. They already had to cut out dairy for my dishes on thanksgiving so now I'm going to cut out grains and meat....my dairy farm bred Dad was already having a hard time believing that I was lactose intolerant. But to be honest, no one cares. No one cares what you eat, what you don't and they really don't care if your vegan or vegetarian...so why should I. I already surprise both my friends and family with my diet in other ways. If you've been following along you know now that Matt and I eat dirt....yeah see weird! I get the craziest eyebrow raised looks when I share that tid bit with folks but as soon as they try it they too never look back. 

So in conclusion give it a shot. It's almost Fall and I have this killer butternut squash soup recipe full of veggies that will cost you under $8 at the grocery store. Eat more veggies and feel your body truly thank you all day long for it. A happy mind and a happy body is simple when we feed them what they want. 


Matthew Dwight