How to Conquer Wedding Blues: After the Wedding Update

How to Conquer your Post Wedding Blues

It has now been 1 month since my last blog post about the post wedding struggle and I can tell you the past 30 days have been really nice. July kicked off and we were immediately busy. I work in construction which is craziest in the summer and Matt was getting ready to be out of town for 4 days and had to get a lot done at work before his trip. The first weekend of July we headed down to San Marcos, TX to surprise some friends; which brings us to our first point on how to conquer those post wedding blues: 

  • Make More Plans. 

Since the honeymoon, it felt like we had just been working and catching up on house chores; breaking the normal routine can add that little bit of a change you didn't know you needed. We hadn't been back to San Marcos together in 2+ years, so while we were there we tried to make the most of it and see some old friends. We even managed to fit in plans to two step and that was the icing on the cake that we'd been needing.

The next weekend we had already planned to use our honeymoon flight mess up vouchers to travel to see friends. Matt was going to Connecticut and I was going to Alabama. Leading us to our second point: 

  • Do things without your spouse! 

Seriously get out of town, go see friends or family, you just spent a whole year drenched in wedding planning and lovey dovey love (which is great and all), but get out there and get back to hanging out with friends and get some space. Distance always makes the heart grow fonder and it will give you something awesome to talk about when you get back together. I know I was super ready to see Matt when he got home Monday night and for the rest of the week we were inseparable. 

The next weekend we were so excited to just hangout with each other that we did just that. We had so much to discuss between our trips and we had house stuff to catch up on that we tackled together. Making plans and getting back into the swing of things like they were before we were engaged has really changed out perspective the last 30 days.

People keep asking, how does it feel to be married and at first we always said, "It feels great.", "It feels like nothing has changed.", or "It feels nice." All of those answers are true but we'd always talk about it afterwards and discuss how weird that question felt. Now, when people ask we keep saying, "Life is finally getting back to normal." Things are starting to feel like they did before we got engaged. Calm, easy, no big plans to coordinate, and less in the spotlight. It feels so good to be looking forward to going to friends weddings soon knowing that we feel great about ours and can tuck away those sweet memories, hang the pictures in our home, and move on happily from a wonderful time. 

  • Do what makes you happy! 

Change isn't easy or comfortable, if it was everyone would constantly be doing it. However, it doesn't mean it's bad; change can be a wonderful thing. Whenever it gets hard though, you just have to remember how to get back to the basics. Remember what made you happy before and try to incorporate that into this new change. When it comes to conquering post wedding blues try these helpful tips; they worked for us and we hope they'll work for you too:

  • Try new things together
  • Get out with your friends
  • Have separate hobbies you can share with each other
  • Plan trips with friends and take care of yourself

Marriage is all about supporting each other but you can't support your spouse if aren't taking care of yourself as well. Listen to your body,  your heart and never stop communicating about how you feel. 


Matt & Sierra