About Us


Matt & Sierra met at Texas State University in Spring of 2014. Matt was boggled down by student debt and Sierra desperately wanted to figure out what she wanted to do after graduation. Sierra with a Bachelors in Communication and Matt in Business they knew they had finally earned their degrees but weren't sure what to do with them. They both graduated in 2015, and Matt quickly started devising a plan to grow free from student debt while working for the University while Sierra worked for a big corporation as a rookie communications coordinator in the field saving as much money as she could. Neither of them truly happy with the routine 8-5, hours sitting at a desk, lifestyle or crippling stress they began working on a path to live better. They had no idea how they would do it but just knew they would. They left Austin TX and moved to Dallas TX and continued working on a platform that would allow them to spread joy and be a change in a more tangible way. They believe that a happier life is one away from the ideal that success is only measured by how much money you make and where accomplishments are weighted in job offers and promotions. Sierra and Matt began researching ways to make life simpler, easier, and way less stressful.With more time together, and energy to put into things that really mattered to them. With that, they started Dwight Life.

A place where they could share what they've learned through life's ups and downs whether financial, spiritual, nutritional, relational you name it. Throughout the past 5 years together they have both grown and nurtured a passion towards living fully, abundantly and passionately and now want to build a community where they can bring that to others. You can find everything from healthy eating, minimalist living tips, travel/back packing advice, DIY projects, and more on Dwight Life. The DIY Dwight Tab is full of fun DIY videos and vlogs on some of our recent projects. We are new homeowners and wood working lovers so there will be new fun projects all the time. We still work 8-5 jobs but have found ways to make peace with it as we journey forward to finding where our work life will take us. Our ideas on living better aren't about not having to work for "The Man" its about being intentional with our time in a world where for most of us that is the only option. Everything in your life is a part of you and is a part of what you bring to the world. Matt and Sierra want to share their experiences and tips with you to help you feel your best and be your best. Fill your life with meaningful people, possessions, experiences, and energy so you can live out your dreams. You are enough, you are important, and you are all you need to live the life you dream about.