Backpacking Eastern Europe via River Boat: 2nd Stop Bratislava Slovakia

First on the list in Bratislava was a school visit in a Roma inhabited area of Slovakia. We got to see a third grade classroom and really see first hand the struggles teachers face in these parts of the eastern world. As well as learn about the Gypsy Roma population. It was completely new to me to learn about their villages, lifestyles, and why their children often have Autism and disabilities more often then others. Roma’s are very musical and just like what comes to mind when you think Gypsy it is true in a sense. The Gypsy’s don’t wander to often though or travel they are very musical and live within their villages never leaving and never co-habitating with Non-Romas.  For the kids at school if they have a Non-Roma friend it is kind of like Romeo and Juliet they aren’t supposed to be friends and they will only be friends within the school walls. Their villages have a lot of music and when a child is born they immediately put a fiddle in their hand and if they grab the fiddle it is said they will be a great musician. If they don’t then they are told that they may need a different profession. Most gypsy parents weren’t educated so the fact that their children are in school is a huge leap in itself. Such an interesting and enlightening trip to their school.

After that we explored down town Bratislava and found that besides history, and beautiful buildings, a castle and art there was also 3 funny sculptures placed in vicarious places around the town. The first one a man at work looking happily down the street, suspected to be maybe peering up Slovakian women’s skirts. The second a man with a camera peering around the corner, not pictured because it disappeared some years ago and third this man rumored to be Napoleon himself showing the french embassy the best part of his body. My favorite fountain was this hilarious Baroque style fountain down town where they wanted to sculpt penises on the babies to look as if they were peeing into the fountain and that the heads where vomiting but instead they put a fish on each baby and thought that was better! haha what!

After some tea and a stroll around the castle we headed back.

Now we are off to Austria! I can’t wait to see what Austria looks like  Stay Tuned!

If you ever make it to Bratislava, I recommend a city tour, a relaxing tea in a cafe, and a trip up to the observation deck of their bridge (The New Bridge) 45 years old is brand new to Europeans! Lol!


Matthew Dwight