Backpacking Eastern Europe via River Boat: 4th Stop Krems Austria

This town at first glance didn’t seem like much. But I was so wrong. This needs to be a stop on your future journey through Austria!

First we stopped at the Disney World of Winery’s how crazy in this tiny town of a city a seriously awesome winery. They walked us down into a cellar, that had a sliding hidden door that opened into another room that houses big glass floor to ceiling walls to see the huge Vats of wine that stretched basement to ceiling in the room below us. Then we walked through another hidden door that led to a 4D theatre that played the most HD 4K video I’ve seen yet. It showed the town and its rich history of wine with animals, nature, and the start of grape vines all the way through the seasons to pouring a glass. The coolest part about this winery is that they don’t only make wines with their properties grapes. They buy grapes from the surrounding homes vineyards and use their grapes for different types of wines. Our tour guide just bought 1/2 an acre of vineyards and because of her specific soil in that part of the region she will be able to grow her grapes and sell them to Winzer Krems Winery for a profit and it will be made into a Reisling. Many many families make their money through selling their handpicked grapes to the Winzer Krems Winery! So it is truly town made wine and there is a lot of pride in this town for their wine and their history. Most famous of course there white wines specifically the Reisling.

Once we had our fill of wine, hilarious, this tour was scheduled for 9AM so we were all feeling good. We then moved on to the town of Krems. One of the most expensive Austrian towns, it houses 4 private Universities and very expensive flats for students.Gorgeous cathedrals and lots of small cobblestone walkways and stair paths that make your imagination run wild. Below you will see first the entrance to the town of Krems, the only gate left at the city entrance, a couple pictures of the town, the cathedral and a traditional outfit people wore in history and even know during events (I really wanted one but the store was closed!)

This town really surprised me. I loved how slow and laid back it felt, Krems really is a magically place. After I walked down enough cobblestone streets and lanes, it was time to head to Lintz!

When you come:

-Take a city tour with a local guide

-Climb the stairs for a nice view of the city and the main church

-Then check out the Winzer Krems Winery!


Matthew Dwight