Backpacking Eastern Europe via River Boat: 5th Stop Linz Austria

After the concentration camp we headed over to the city center of Linz and I learned that like most cities in Eastern Europe is full of history. We arrived in Linz on May Day, May 1st, the Europeans Memorial Day! There were beautiful flowers around the city and at the base of all the statues and fountains.

Skinny paths open into shopping areas and homes to many of the people living in Linz.

The fountain below was created in the 16th century when the people belived that the Earth was the center of the Universe. There on the 2nd floor or as Europeans say the 1st floor is where Kepler taught High school physics and wrote Keplers Laws. He discovered there that Earth was not the center, that instead all the planets rotated around the sun. The fountain pictures has the Earth on the top and all around the base are the names of each planet. It is kind of ironic that all is his years teaching he looked out his window to the wrong example of the universe. Kepler was the next enthusiast to take Copernicus’s idea of the sun being the center of our universe and refined it 100 times more accurate. Something interesting about Kepler, when he decided he wanted a second wife, he made a list of all the things he wanted and then found 8 women. He rated them based on his list and found that he couldn’t decide between women number 5 and number 3, so he settled for the one in the middle and chose number 4. This of course is after he divorced his first wife because she didn’t understand his work and he labeled her as fat, stupid and simple minded. (Brilliant guy but what an asshole)

Below in the bottom picture you can see their beautiful art museum showcasing their modern artistic style. Since Vienna and Salsberg are none for their classic, and barroqu art Linz wanted to stand out in a different unique was and create a city that displayed modern and futuristic art. That art museum lights up multicolor after sunset and is absolutely gorgeous. When you stand on the other side that window cut out is a beautiful frame for the Danube River.

The next building below is there futuristic art museum. Here you can walk up to the museums entrance and play any song on any device you have and it will be transmitted through the speakers into a computer and displayed electronically to the beat of your music with lights on the buildings facade.

Below is the balcony in the Linz city center square where Hitler proclaimed the Greater German Reich after the Anschluss with Austria on May 12, 1938.

Such a cool city, lots of bicycles, not as crowded as other cities we visited and a really nice stop on our journey. I sat and had a cold beer in the city center while I people watched during the May Day festivities. Gelato everywhere, melted and scattered on cobblestone streets. It was nice to be in a place that held discoveries in science, I loved seeing where Kepler taught, I stood on ground he walked on. Don’t pass up Linz on your Austrian journey, this place good easily steal your heart!

Matthew Dwight