Backpacking Eastern Europe via River Boat: 6th Czech Republic

Prague is jaw dropping just like you’ve heard. The bridges, the architecture, the old buildings. The reason they call Prague the old city is because during the war while most of the eastern European cities were demolished quite a bit Prague held up more than the others. So therefore most of its buildings are some of the oldest in Europe today. The one down side I felt while there was the mass of tourists. I was one of them so I can’t really talk but there are A LOT of people and with every 3-4 people there is also a selfie stick.  Getting pictures and enjoying the old city is really tough when there are people everywhere. SO take a moment, get out of that vibe and try to see the city through a less crowded lens. While you’re there make sure to check out some of these places!

Must see would be.

  • The Astronomical Clock – watch it go off at the top of every hour for small show where death tolls the clock and disciples come out one by one.
  • Cross the Charles Bridge
  • Buy a Delicious Cinnamon Cone
  • Walk past the clock and check out the roof top bars for an awesome view of the city
  • Visit the Old Prague Castle
  • If you are into Souvenirs Buy a piece of crystal.
  • Take your time in Prague, there is a lot to see and a lot to experience.
  • Go sit down by the river
  • Walk to the old Vyshrad neighborhood and walk through the cemetery definitely one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.
  • Get lost walking in the park behind the Church.
  • Explore the grounds of Vyshrad
  • Last go to the blue duck for dinner, such a cool old house that was made into a restaurant. Absolutely delicious. Take a taxi there and experience the way they maneuver through the tiny cobblestone streets at night when less tourists are around and you can see the gorgeous city lit up at night.
  • The subway is easy to maneuver just be careful on the escalators they are very steep and very fast.